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hello it's me

i've thought about us for a long, long time

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Ellie (or Eleanor), young adult, pre-college, US. Spends the majority of my time reading, writing, working, wasting hours on tv/films/tumblr/all the other wonderful time-wasting things people waste their time with. Aspirating writer and fully-functional adult. Posts About: fandom, real life, films, books, tv. Occasionally fic, although that’s also posted to my creative community (see link above).


films. the king's speech, jane eyre (2011), an education, (500) days of summer, election, amélie, sixteen candles, little miss sunshine, coco before chanel, mean girls, juno, mulan, breakfast at tiffany's, a single man, the little mermaid, the thin man, clueless, cloudy with a chance of meatballs, high fidelity, about a boy, la vie en rose, pride and prejudice (1995 mini-series), emma (2009 mini-series), hot fuzz, shaun of the dead, the princess bride

televison. parks and recreation, 30 rock, arrested development, saturday night live, the office, it's always sunny in philadelphia, flight of the conchords, freaks and geeks, how i met your mother, chuck, fosters home for imaginary friends, party down, the powerpuff girls, better off ted, community, pushing daisies, bewitched, veronica mars, spaced, doctor who, miranda, the borgias, the IT crowd, avatar: the last airbender, luther, the hour, the office uk, breaking bad, the lizzie bennet diaries, homeland, new girl, firefly, elementary, danny phantom, teen titans
books. a confederacy of dunces, harry potter series, the princess bride, tunes, dress your family in corduroy and denim, high fidelity, fifth avenue 5 a.m., juliet naked, never let me go, slam, me talk pretty one day, how to be good, live from new york, bossypants, i drink for a reason, game of thrones, election, emma, jane austen, jane eyre, pride and prejudice, slammerkin, about a boy, persuasion, warm bodies, lemony snicket, nerd do well, persepolis

music. the ramones, cake, the clash, fine young cannibals, ellie goulding, the smiths, the pretenders, simon & garfunkel, the who, she & him, the beatles, squeeze, the replacements, say anything, regina spektor, florence and the machine, alan menken, blondie, mumford and sons, tchaikovsky, boy, dance for the dying, showtunes, eartha kitt, josephine baker, glenn miller, marina and the diamonds
Credit for the icons in this profile (from top to bottom, then up again): imaginary_livesfulminanthauntesbittergracedsweet__teathewaltzingdeadcalikalieaprilstones, and calikalie.

1930s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 30 rock, 500 days of summer, a very potter musical, aaron paul, aaron paul's face, adam scott, aladdin, alice in wonderland, always sunny in philadelphia, amy poehler, amy pond, amy/eleven, amélie, an education, andrew garfield, andy/erin, arrested development, arthur/ariadne, audrey hepburn, audrey tautou, avatar: the last airbender, baking, barack obama, ben wyatt, ben/leslie, big love, books, breakfast at tiffany's, breaking bad, broadway, broadway musicals, carey mulligan, chocolate, chuck, chuck/sarah, classic disney, community, cupcakes, darren criss, disney, disney animated movies, disney animation, disney from 1989-1999, disney musicals, disney princesses, doctor who, downton abbey, dr horrible's singalong blog, eleven-and-amy-touching-foreheads, ellen page, emma, emma watson, fanfiction, france, fred and george, gay rights, gingers, harry potter, hermione granger, ireland, j.k. rowling, jackie burkhart, jane austen, jeff/britta, jesse eisenberg, jesse/santana, jim halpert, jim/pam, john hughes films, jon stewart, joseph gordon-levitt, journalism, karen gillan, leslie knope, leslie/ben, lily aldrin, lily luna potter, lily/james, liz lemon, logan/veronica, london, luna lovegood, matt smith, matt-smith-and-karen-gillan-being-adorable, matt/karen, melchior/wendla, mila kunis, miranda, modern family, movies, mulan, music, musical theatre, musicals, my fair lady, new york city, nick hornby, office supplies in jello, old hollywood, old movies, order of the phoenix, parks and recreation, party down, photography, pride and prejudice, pushing daisies, ravenclaw, reading, remus lupin, rent, reviewing, ron/hermione, sirius black, sleeping beauty, snl, spaced, spring awakening, squeeze, star wars, starkidpotter, tangled, the borgias, the clash, the king's speech, the little mermaid, the lizzie bennet diaries, the office, the pretenders, the replacements, the who, theatre, tina fey, tv shows, veronica mars, veronica/logan, vintage, weeds, wicked, writing, zooey deschanel

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